Pernille Lind Studio has been approached to undertake the exciting task of designing and rebranding the interiors of one of Joe & The Juice’s existing shops on the King’s Road in London.

Chelsea and the King’s Road was predominantly built during the Victorian era and is therefore in many ways “quintessentially British” - with its pearly white town houses, garden squares and Victorian architectural detailing. Grandeur, tradition, royalty, high-end fashion and a well groomed population are the striking features of this part of London.

However history also reveals another story of this famous road, which was in the 60-70’s well known for it’s rebellious and fashion forward influences, where fashion icons and rock stars would roam the streets adding an edge to the otherwise polished surroundings.

With this contextual background the new Joe & The Juice interiors will draw on these strong characteristics, the brand itself being somewhat of a rebel of its kind now within a setting of rich heritage and cultural appeal.

PLS is working on bringing in a bit of British influences to the otherwise very Danish brand. Aiming to cater to the locals of the area in style and tradition. We are therefore thrilled to be working closely with Joe & The Juice in realising this exciting new adventure the successful company is aiming towards.

Completion Spring 2019

Pernille Lind Studio x Joe & The Juice King's Road.jpg