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In 2021, we were engaged by Twenty Essex barrister chambers, a prominent legal establishment situated on 20 Essex Street in Temple. Seeking to extend their current premises, their vision was an expansion plan that would incorporate facilities such as conference rooms, dedicated clerical spaces, workstations, seminar rooms, individual barrister offices, event space, and a café. As part of a larger rebranding initiative, this ambitious project sought to reflect Twenty Essex’s superior service offered to their clients, via a beautifully designed new location.

Spanning an impressive six floors, each area is designed with a distinct purpose. The basement houses a welcoming café and versatile event space. On the lower ground floor space is given to clerical operations, complete with a breakout area. The ground floor is strategically designated to house the main reception area and three sizeable conference rooms. A virtual hearing room and seminar spaces are found on the first floor – harmoniously juxtaposed by a calming outdoor terrace with dedicated wine serving sections, and space for relaxed outdoor dining. Finally, the second and third floors are reserved for individual barrister offices, ensuring private spaces conducive of focused work. Our design seamlessly integrates these diverse requirements, ensuring a functional and comfortable space for all that work there.

The Brief

In the wake of COVID-19, the design direction was driven by the desire to create an inviting, comfortable, and functional space that would entice people back to work – emphasising an improvement in the working environment compared to that of pre-pandemic times.

Central to our design ethos was to instill a sense of comfort – akin to that found in a home. To achieve this, adaptable and thoughtful lighting design is used to allow scene setting, and to meet the specific needs of every space.

Being located in such a quintessentially British area, the use of British craftsmanship and suppliers was key to the design concept. The use of local, quality suppliers is pivotal in creating a space that blends modern functionality with timeless British aesthetics.

Bespoke Interior Design

Embarking on a total overhaul of the existing floor plans across all levels, we sought to completely optimise the space to align with Twenty Essex’s needs.

The creation of an open kitchen space on the lower ground floor allows for individual food preparation, as well as somewhere for external catering services to use. The clerks’ area is designed with growth in mind – ensuring room for both the existing team as well as future new recruits – and a dedicated breakout area promotes a flexible and dynamic working environment.

The ground floor is reimagined by consolidating smaller rooms into one welcoming and spacious reception area, whilst three conference rooms boast bespoke fitted joinery that discreetly integrate large TV screens.

Every detail throughout is meticulously customised – from the bespoke fitted kitchen, uniquely designed tables and banquettes, specialised joinery to accommodate multiple computer monitors via the horse-shoe shaped desks in the virtual hearing room, and crafted conference tables optimised for AV data and telecoms. Bespoke architectural details such as doors and screens are also integrated to enhance the layered and characterful aesthetic.

All of this is achieved by collaborating with manufacturers such as Benchmark, Trees Lounge, George Smith, Sinclair Till, NOVOCASTRIAN, Rough Living, Lind + Almond, Fiona McDonald, whilst art was sourced via Wandering People and McCully + Crane


Full interior design services including; interior architecture, bespoke joinery design, FF&E sourcing, procurement management, art curation and final styling.

Completion: 2023
Project Details: Workspace Design. 6 storeys total 1600 sq.m.
Location: Temple, London
Client: Twenty Essex Ltd.

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